5 unconventional ways to make him fall for you

10/11/2016- love, usa  When you've found a man that makes your heart pitter-patter faster than usual, you've got a crisis on your hands. Your girlfriends will have heaps of pep talks prepared, but I doubt they have created this slam dunk- a surprisingly successful game plan that is proven, by me, to win the heart of the man who is better than the man of your dreams. (Because he is REAL.)...

4 ways michelle obama rocks the cardigan


Justin Timberlake brought sexy back. Now, Michelle Obama brings back the cardigan, reviving the thin-cloth jacket as a must-have wardrobe piece. We recommend Mikarose  if you are feeling a need to stock up after reading this article. Mikarose has a variety of well priced quality cardigans  with perfect colors for every season. 

1.Unbuttoned and Open

The cardigan is your one piece that can transform the vibe of any outfit. Imagine this look without the blue cover. Definitely not as cohesive.  


This cardigan is tight enough to be flattering and loose enough to snuggle up on the couch.

3.With Accessories

With their often solid colors and prints cardigans make it easy to use accessories!

 4. Pushed up Sleeves

The wonderful thing about cardigans is the light sleeve coverage they provide. On a hot day where you need to look classy but you don’t want to die of heat, the cardigan provides an easy solution. A pushed up cardigan sleeve is a polished way to cool down without sacrificing style.

Modest dress companies are making big waves in the fashion industry

10/20/2016- FASHION LAND, USA The fashion industry seems to have been taking an interesting turn over the past decade.  If I hadn’t been actively traveling the world and observing fashion trends during that time, I would not believe it myself.  It's almost as if the long accepted saying of “Sex Sells” is starting to morph into a new definition...


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10 ways to look prettier in under 5 minutes

10/16/2016- prettyville, usa  This list may not have been what you were expecting. Let me explain. Your thoughts and feelings have a literal impact on the way that you look, especially if you’re like me and your facial expressions tell all.  Character is an inner beauty with a larger impact on your image than skin, make up and clothing. Life presents many brief opportunities for us to be ...

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