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5. Cardigan!

Summer nights, Winter days, chilly office... take your pick. And there is nothing wrong with just covering up a bit more. :)

 5 must haves for the modest clothing wardrobe

Modest-ville, USA. Every woman has their "go to" articles of clothing, and if you are anything like me, the different categories within the "go to" seem to change on a consistent basis. One evening I need my "comfy clothes" and the next morning I may be confident enough to wear my "feelin' sexy" outfit. Regardless if you're like me or not, my prediction is that these particular items will be around for a long long time and are absolute must haves for any modest woman's closet.

2. Denim Skirt

​​Call me a denim girl if you want, but I CANNOT go without! Some would say, "oh, that's an 80's thing". and if so, then I say, "Long live the 80's!!" I spend a lot of time in warm and cold climates, so I like to have a knee length and a maxi on hand. I usually buy mine from a little place called Proverbs 31 Clothing. They have lots of other cute modest clothes as well, so if you haven't checked them out, you definitely should! click here

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Ivy Dress

by Mikarose

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3. Camisole

This one really does speak for itself. :) I tend to not go all out on these, but i do like the ones with adjustable straps and little extra support. ;)

1. Classic Black Dress

We've all had that "one" black dress that we loved so much until it wore out from taking it on and off so many times, or it never fit quite right after the second child, or we ate just too many delicious, delicious snickerdoodles over the holidays that one year. Haha (I'm totally not describing myself there ;) lol ) Then, without a doubt the store where you bought the "one" dress no longer carries it, and the new one they do have in stock just doesn't seem to fit quite right. In either case, here are my two current favorites...​​

4. Leggings

Because sometimes you just need them!