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Where to Find CUTE Modest Swimsuits

3/14/2018- ​ Finding actually cute modest swim suits can feel like mission impossible. Here are some option that might make your life a little easier this spring and summer. 

Trendy  Cardigans and Where to Find Them

As we toggle between winter and summer here are some cardigans to keep you warm, but not too warm! 

5 unconventional ways to make him fall for you

1/11/2018- love, usa  When you've found a man that makes your heart pitter-patter faster than usual, you've got a crisis on your hands. Your girlfriends will have heaps of pep talks prepared, but I doubt they have created this slam dunk- a surprisingly successful game plan that is proven, by me, to win the heart of the man who is better than the man of your dreams. (Because he is REAL.)...

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Pocket Dresses and Where to Find Them

2/21/2018- ​ Women are often jipped when it comes to pockets, which is why we’ve brought to you cute dresses with excellent deep pockets. AND you won’t even need “deep pockets” to make them yours! 

What is Your Fashion Personality?

02/06/2018- love, usa  
What does your style say about your personality?
What we wear says a lot about who we are...What do your fashion choices say about you?

Modest dress companies are making big waves in the fashion industry.

1/20/2018- Fashion land, usa The fashion industry seems to have been taking an interesting turn over the past decade.  If I hadn’t been actively traveling the world and observing fashion trends during that time, I would not believe it myself.  It's almost as if the long accepted saying of “Sex Sells” is starting to morph into a new definition...

5 must haves for the modest fashion wardrobe

Modest-ville, USA. Every woman has their "go to" articles of clothing, and if you are anything like me, the different categories within the "go to" seem to change on a consistent basis. One evening I need my "comfy clothes" and the next morning i may be confident enough to wear my "feelin' sexy" outfit. Regardless of if your like me or not, my prediction is that these particular items will be around for a long long time and are absolute must haves for any modest woman's closet.

10 ways to look prettier in under 5 minutes

1/16/2018- prettyville, usa  This list may not have been what you were expecting. Let me explain. Your thoughts and feelings have a literal impact on the way that you look, especially if you’re like me and your facial expressions tell all.  Character is an inner beauty with a larger impact on your image than skin, make up and clothing. Life presents many brief opportunities for us to be ...